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  • Theo van RysselbergheNov 23, 1862 - Dec 14, 1926
  • Théo van Rysselberghe was a Belgian neo-impressionist painter, who played a pivotal role in the European art scene at the turn of the century. Rysselberghe shifted from the pointillist brushwork he had employed to a more integrated style of color application. Portraits are what Rysselberghe is most known for whereas many of the Post-Impressionists favored landscapes. He used electric color combinations side by side in broad strokes to pulsating effect.
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  • Buste de Femme Inclinee Vers L'arriere (Jeune Femme Pensive)
  • Buste de Femme Inclinee Vers L'arriere (Jeune Femme Pensive)
  • Theo van Rysselberghe
  • 20 X 24 in
  • $136.95
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