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  • Louis Anquetin
    Jan 26, 1861 - Aug 19, 1932
  • Lunch in Bourgueil - Louis Anquetin was a French painter noted for his association with the Post-Impressionist movement and for his works depicting scenes of Paris at night done in the Cloisonnism style. Anquetin was considered the greatest artist of the 19th century. His was one of the founders of Synthetism. Most of the painter’s works are canvases depicting female figures inside or on the street.
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Lunch in Bourgueil
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  • Lunch in Bourgueil

  • Louis Anquetin
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  • Le déjeuner à Bourgueil, circa 1893
    Oil on canvas
    49.5 x 35.5 in.

    Le déjeuner à Bourgueil illustrates the artist's two passions: equestrian art and painting. His love of horses came from his mother, whose family were horse merchants; he was already riding by the age of four. Anquetin's artistic career began to take shape with his 1882 arrival in Paris, whereupon he joined the ateliers of Léon Bonnat and subsequently that of Fernand Cormon. Here he forged friendships with Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Vincent van Gogh and Emile Bernard, with whom he would elaborate the tenets of Synthetism, wherin the theme, treated with flat brush strokes, is delimited by a black or coloured line, stressing the clearness of the subject and strengthening its chromatic brightness. Thanks to Anquetin and Bernard, this style would have a significant influence on contemporary avant-garde artistic developments.

    A preparatory study allows us to identify all the figures present: Jean Moréas is on horseback, with Charles Conder to his right and the artist next to him, his back turned to the viewer; René Bourges plays the guitar. Executed in 1893, synthetist elements still remain, while the Rubenesque style Anquetin would develop in his works post-1900 is already beginning to take form.

    Le déjeuner à Bourgueil is not without a certain reference to Manet's Déjeuner sur l'herbe, which shocked the public and the critics with its "indecency" at the 1863 Salon des Refusés. As in Manet's composition, Anquetin's Déjeuner is also divided between dream and reality, with only René Bourges at center seemingly conscious of the female presence at right.

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Louis AnquetinLouis Anquetin was a French painter noted for his association with the Post-Impressionist movement and for his works depicting scenes of Paris at night done in the Cloisonnism style. Anquetin took art lessons from French painters Léon Bonnat and Fernand Cormon and worked closely and exhibited with noted artists like Émile Bernard, Vincent van Gogh, Charles Angrand, Camille Pissarro, Georges Seurat, Paul Signac, Paul Gauguin and Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. Although Anquetin remained active in the Impressionist movement of the time, he became interested in the works of Flemish masters in his later years. He along with Bernard came up with a post-Impressionist painting style called cloisonnism that was inspired by stained glass and Japanese ukiyo-e art and includes use of bold and flat forms separated by thick dark contours. L’Avenue de Clichy, an early work of Anquetin, was inspired by Japanese ukiyo-e prints. His popularity however waned after he abandoned the modern movements and took to studying the methods of Old Masters. His works such as Rinaldo and Armida done after the mid-1890s were particularly Rubensian and allegorical in nature. He also wrote a book on Rubens later in his life.