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  • Frederick Arthur Bridgman
    Nov 10, 1847 - Jan 13, 1928
  • In the Souk - Frederick Arthur Bridgman was an American artist known for his paintings of "Orientalist" subjects. His is American landscape and historical painter. Studied with Gerome in Paris. Exhibited at the Royal Academy from 1871 to 1904. His subjects were mainly of view in Egypt, Algeria, North Africa and scenes from European history.
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In the Souk
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  • In the Souk

  • Frederick Arthur Bridgman
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    73 cm (28.74 in.) x 105 cm (41.34 in.)
    Private collection.

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Frederick Arthur BridgmanFrederick Arthur Bridgman was an American artist known for his paintings of "Orientalist" subjects. In 1867, Frederick Arthur Bridgman entered the studio of the noted academic painter Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824-1904), where he was deeply influenced by Gérôme's precise draftsmanship, smooth finishes, and concern for Middle-Eastern themes. (Bridgman would even become known as "the American Gérôme.") No mere imitator, however, Bridgman would later adopt a more naturalistic aesthetic, emphasizing bright colors and painterly brushwork. Bridgman made his first trip to North Africa between 1872 and 1874, dividing his time between Algeria and Egypt. There he executed approximately three hundred sketches, which became the source material for several later oil paintings. Additional visits to the region throughout the 1870s and 1880s allowed him to amass a collection of costumes, architectural pieces, and objets d'art, which often appear in his paintings. (Amusingly, John Singer Sargent noted that Bridgman's overstuffed studio, along with the Eiffel Tower, were Paris's must-see attractions.) Though Bridgman maintained a lifelong connection to France, his popularity in America never waned. Indeed, in 1890, the artist had a one-man show of over 400 pictures in New York's 5th Avenue galleries. When the show moved to Chicago's Art Institute, it contained only 300 works - testimony to the high number of sales Bridgman had maden.